I’m Bad at Titles

I graduated college a little over a week ago. I know I have the tendency to be kind of nonchalant about it because it was a goal I always knew I would achieve. It was something I felt I was just supposed to do. Why spend all the money, time, and tears to not finish? So graduating hasn’t really felt like any great accomplishment. But I realize I brushed it off pretty quickly and there are some things about it I’d like to remember.

By far the best part of the ceremony was first walking out to a line of professors in their wizard-like garb clapping, smiling, and cheering all of the students. I saw Mr. M who smiled and waved and Dr. G (who’s literally always smiling and waving). I saw Dr. F who stopped me to grab my hand and tell me she loved the card I gave her, which really meant a lot. She was my absolute favorite communications professor. I saw Dr. S who called my name and gave me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face, and Professor K who I only had for a semester of government but somehow has always remembered and liked me. It was so joyous to see all of the great people who basically gave me my degree. I know they must do this for dozens of graduations, but I felt genuine pride from them and that made my heart swell with love.

The other wonderful part was knowing I had my family with me. I am the youngest child, so I feel like I’ve been to all of my sibling’s events and graduations for years and years. But that night, they were all there in support of me and sat through three hours of names just to cheer for mine (which was something like #845 out of 860). We all went out to dinner and came home for cake and unexpected gifts. It was so nice to know the people I love so dearly were proud of me.

So far, being graduated has been great. I don’t have a real deal job, but I’ve been babysitting for two symphony families to make ends meet. Also, graduation gift money has helped immensely in buying christmas presents for my family. I’ve been spending my week off basically by hanging with Jon and driving my sister around (she wrecked her car), and watching Gilmore Girls. I should probably feel guilty about the un-productivity, but I don’t just yet. Four years worth of college classes crammed into 3.5 warrants a couple of weeks off, I think. An ending GPA of 3.72 doesn’t hurt that assumption either. (Sorry for the brag, and sorry for any typos.)

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One thought on “I’m Bad at Titles

  1. Congratulations. I remember when you were all nervous about starting and now it’s all done. Best of luck on your next great adventure.

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