I resign

I quit. And I apologize. I resigned a while ago, but I have since been humbled by your prolonged silence. And if this silence is to be everlasting, I think I could be okay. I’ve stopped wondering what your absence means in the context of my life.

You were a new part of me when I needed it most. A friend all my own that nobody else in my world knew. You were a comfortable place to help process my (now meaningless) woe, to remind me I could be happy. You were the realization that I was worthy of being treated better, that I was smarter than I gave myself credit. You were the chance to be myself, to be mad for a cause, to be confident in my intelligence, to be silly for no reason, to stay up until 3 AM and talk on Myspace.

Those are the things I remember now. Not the confusion of ceased contact, not the crashing reality that I didn’t matter, not the despair that you would never be mine. Even if I didn’t mean much to you, please know you mattered to me. And a friend in my heart you’ll always be.


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3 thoughts on “I resign

  1. But, but, where will you go? How will we (I) find you?

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