A Blog About Blogs

Hello. I haven’t posted in quite a while. Increasingly, I’m realizing how little I have to say. Or rather, how the things I have to say are of little importance. Nobody really cares about what I’m doing in school or the things I think about or my political standpoint. I get that. But this blog is for me. Just for me.

Right now I’m juggling no less than five blogs (yes, FIVE), so I suppose that contributes to my lack of posts here on Kato McKracken. Some, I’m very excited about. Others, not so much. I think my professors are the sole beings keeping WordPress in business (Just kidding. WordPress is a fantastic site and a great tool for tons of people. But seriously, I think my professors all conspire together and plot new assignments that require blogging).

I won’t mention my poetry blog or my food blog. I’m feeling pretty blegh about both of those right now. My poetry blog began as a school project, and then I used it to keep my creative spark going. It helped for a while, but the spark has died. I haven’t been inspired in weeks. My food blog is solely a school assignment that comes attached to a magazine I’m designing. It was a forced topic, and I don’t feel passionate about it at all so that’s that.

The blogs I do care about, however, have been keeping me busy. Broke and Modern is a project founded my one of my boyfriend’s friends that I contribute to. It’s still in the beginning stages of a website, but I think it has a ton of potential. I’m excited to let my DIY-y, clothes-y, makeup-y side breathe there. Indiebugg is my “portfolio” website I had to create for well, my portfolio class. I wanted to make it more of a supplemental site that showcases what I like to do rather than be a place to view my resume and work experience. Because that would be boring. My idea was to have it function as a site that web-surfers (is that even a term anymore?) would be interested in visiting repeatedly for music updates as well as a project to show possible employers, partners, etc. Whether I will use it as the latter remains unknown. But I am excited to keep it updated with all of the fresh, good music I’m discovering through my job as music director.

I was sick about two weeks ago, then well for a week, and now I’m sick again. It sucks, but things could be worse, I guess. I also got a speeding ticket for the first time a few days ago. That was a bummer and I cried in my car for a while before remembering I had a midterm exam to get to. Then I had to pee insanely bad after finding a parking spot and booked it to the nearest building. Luckily I glanced in the mirror because I had mascara smeared all around my eyes. Then the bus took forever and I basically ran to my classroom where I arrived 4 minutes late. It’s times like these I think to myself, “You’re a mess.” But I didn’t miss the exam and I’m fairly confident I got an A. So, that’s something I suppose.

Here’s a portrait of a duck! I fed him a cracker and then he followed me around for 15 minutes.

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