Last Day

It’s the last day of school. I remember bolting out of bed when I was little because I knew summer was at my doorstep. That kind of excitement didn’t hit me today, but slowly I’m starting to feel the relief wash over me. This semester has been hard.

I got to school early today for no reason. I could have gone home after work, but I came straight here. Maybe for one last blog post in the library.

I found out a few days ago that I am going to be the Music Director for my school’s radio station. I applied last second, had a very rushed and informal interview, but still I got the job. I get to DJ again, but this time I have access to all of the CDs that record companies send the station as well as endless online downloads. I’ve heard it’s a very time-consuming job, but I get to listen to music all day and get paid for it. I guess I’ve proven myself to be a responsible person these past three years.

Earlier today, I thought about high school and what it would be like if I were still friends with the people I used to be friends with. I’m sure I would still feel inferior to them. Would my Journalism degree make them laugh? My financial inability to study abroad or move away from home for college? My lack of an enormous circle of friends? Probably. Because they’re judgmental and childish. But I’m going to take a moment to be proud of myself for staying on track to graduate a semester early, never being without a job or hesitating to take on two at once, making the Dean’s List every semester, keeping an amazing relationship with my best friend despite distance, cultivating a relationship with a wonderful boyfriend, and keeping time for my family. There.

I have an entire three months ahead of me to do whatever I want and save as much money as I can. Then only one semester of college left. Then who knows what. But I can be confident enough in myself to say it will be something great.

This is how the rest of my day will go:
-Take my last exam
-Head over to the KUIW room to be officially named Music Director
-Listen to my Last Day of School playlist for the last time on the drive home (I made it six years ago and have continued to listen to on every last day)
-Meet Jon at my house
-Get Whataburger to celebrate a full month of no fast food
-Come back home and eat while we watch the Spurs be the best basketball team EVER

Then I have tomorrow to do whatever the heck I want.


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