Sexism Lives

My next-door neighbor drives a truck with a bumper sticker that reads, “Women: save your breath. You’ll need it to blow me later.”

I see it nearly every day and it makes me want to set fire to something.
My first reaction when I saw it was, “Well, it’s not like it’s directed toward me.” But it is. I belong to the collective group “women,” and that disgusting claim carries a multi-faceted message that very much concerns me. The bumper sticker was a wake-up call. As much as I want to think things are better, it’s just not quite true.

1. My neighbor is telling me I’m not allowed to SPEAK because all I’m good for is sex. In essence– the sexual things my mouth can give are more valuable than the intellectual ones.
2. Even though this message may not be in the front of his mind at all times, it’s probably safe to say it’s ingrained in his head, making every woman he encounters automatically beneath him.
3. Someone obviously had to MAKE this disgusting sticker and sell it, leading me to believe that there are plenty of men in the world who feel this way.
4. Even if one argues that “it’s just a joke”, it’s still trivializing the sad truth that women are thought of this way. By extension, it’s treating women’s rights as a joke.

Clearly there is still a huge problem with sexism in my city, in my state, in my country, and in the world.

Why can someone legally and comfortably parade around with a demeaning bumper sticker like that? Why is this acceptable? Why should I have to feel degraded and uncomfortable every time I leave my house and see him or his car? It’s the same reason women get paid less for doing the same job. It’s the same reason women are punished for being raped in certain countries– because I happened to be born a woman.


This subject is on my mind a lot. But being at work today was somewhat uplifting. This photo shows just a few of the women I am proud to work with. The producer and executive producer of the show are both women. Two of the three hosts are women. Three of the four crew members are women. All three interns are women. I realize that a lot has changed. But it would be foolish to say we don’t have a long way left to go.

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