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I got the internship! I will now be working at WOAI, one of my local news stations. I can’t believe I landed this job. I have absolutely no TV experience, just radio and newspaper. I got by solely on my writing skills and I’m thanking the heavens. I need to do an amazing job so they hire me part-time after my internship is over. I can’t wait to quit my current job, but for the time being I have to keep it for income. Whatever. This is such an amazing opportunity.

I don’t have much else to report. I thought I was supposed to go back to school this past Monday, but it turns out I have another week. So that’s fantastic.

Also, I’ve found a musical gem. Haim. They are giving me hope that women in the indie/alternative scene don’t all sound the same. I can’t tell you how frustrated and annoyed I get hearing the same female voice with excessive reverb and echo on top of it. Lorde also sort of gets honorable mention here. She has an interesting voice, but her music isn’t super fresh. Chvrches also gets honorable mention. The voice isn’t new, but there’s power there. Anyway, Haim is where it’s at. Their brand new first album is called “Days Are Gone” and I highly recommend it.



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One thought on “Things ‘n Stuff

  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome. I hope it works out for you, friend. And happiness for the extra week to play! WIll have to check out the group when I have more time.

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