Code of Ethics

I just finished my Media Ethics final exam. On it, I was asked to create my own code of ethics. I was pretty satisfied with the outcome, and I want to have it published somewhere to revisit when I need guidance. Here it is:

  1. Trust your natural, personal moral compass. You know what is truly right, and you can’t let any job, person, or obstacle change that.
  2. Remember the Agape/Judeo-Christian principle. Love others as you love yourself. Try to find the good in people instead of focusing on the bad. You can overcome any challenge at work if you learn to like the people around you.
  3. Also remember Aristotle and Confucius’ principle. Compromise is key, especially in the workplace.
  4. Just do the work. The one time you were careless, it went terribly wrong. Recall the embarrassment and never let it happen again.
  5. Do work you will be proud to revisit 5 years from now. Never settle when you know you can do better.
  6. Be responsible. Every stone left unturned has consequence, every neglected detail could backfire.
  7. Find a way to love the work you do. It’s impossible that every job will be fun, but make the most of the present. If you find yourself bored, shake things up.
  8. Money isn’t everything. Never forget the satisfaction you get from helping a fellow human being. True kindness has no room for selfishness.
  9. Give credit where it is due. You hate not getting praise for good work, so don’t ever put that feeling on anyone else. Even when you’re jealous.
  10. Don’t pass up an opportunity just because it seems difficult. Preparation, extra work, and changes are nothing compared the outcome of a new experience.


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