Always Alright

Sometimes I realize just how strong the people I know are.

Cheating, lies, carelessness, evil, distance, threats, hate, death– they’ve been through it all. I hate knowing Rachel and Jon and Bethany have been through the things that make them who they are. But I know they are all stronger for it.  I see parallels to my own life, and I start to realize that I’m strong too. How do we just let things go? How does something so devastating happen and end up fading into the distance? How do we see past things and make light of what’s more important? It seems impossible. But it has proven not to be, several times over.

How did Jon ever have the strength to fall in love again after S? How does Rachel face school every day, knowing G and M are somewhere there too? How did Bethany learn to love J again after all his antics? How do I mentally cope with myself and all I let C do?

Carrying on always seems like the hardest thing, but we do it. And somehow all that was wrong doesn’t matter so much anymore.

Events in my past continue to embarrass and hurt me, but I’m proud of what they have done for me. And I hope my sister, best friend, and boyfriend can say the same. I am amazed each time I think about their woes. Cheers to you, guys. I love you.

P.S. You’ll listen to this song if you know what’s good for you!

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