To Rachel (part 2)

Today sucks. I had coffee and barbecue chips for breakfast. I feel like crap, but I just want to keep eating crappier.

I hate dudes, and I hate being on my period. And I hate school. My period is messing up every flipping body system. I’ve already been to the bathroom like six times for various reasons, and I’ve literally only been here for an hour and a half.

I skipped school on Tuesday, and as a result, didn’t know today would be my Spanish final. I don’t know what to study, so I just won’t.

Jon doesn’t want to be with me today. I offered to spend gas and time on him, but he said no because he’d rather just sit at home. Okay.
It made me cry all the way to school, and I had to walk around with smeary mascara until I could get to a bathroom to scrub it off with a wet paper towel. 

I want this semester to be over already, and I want to be with you and I want to be with my sister and I don’t want to DO anything.

I wish Jon wanted to be with me as much as I want to be with him right now. He thinks I’m mad, but I’m not mad. He just hurt my feelings, and I’m probably being a dumb girl about it. And I’m probably just a hormonal mess right now. But it still stung and I’m still sad and I don’t know when I’ll get over it.

Hope you’re doing well, though I know today has been sucky for you too.


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