To Rachel

Sister K just told us to write that in our notes. Will I be tested on this? Probably.

Is it bad that I’ve been just getting by by doing the bare minimum? It’s become habit to skip class and do sub-par work. Maybe I’m just being hard on myself.

I miss you something terrible. I don’t know how I spend even one day without you– you are the source of so much of my happiness.

We’re watching a video of Native Americans doing their Sun Dance in class, and I want to be somewhere warm. Today is cold and rainy– weather I usually enjoy. But all I can do is close my eyes and think of dry sun, cool grass, lemon ice cream.

This semester is winding down, but it feels like it’s just building even more worry inside my heart. I won’t remember what breathing is for another three weeks. Then I can lose myself in citrus summer, and maybe I won’t miss you so much. But it’ll probably just be worse.

I’m proud of you and how hard you’re working. I say it all the time, but I wish I had your uncanny ability to succeed at whatever you do. I wish I could keep my cool and keep my head above water when things get rough like you do.

Right now I’m walking outside while I write. Cold sprinkles of rain are brushing my face, and I imagine I’m you– the freest spirit, the most open heart, the strongest emotions.

I love you, I’m proud of you, I miss you, I’m excited to see how far you go.



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