Reasons Why My Boyfriend is the Best



I was wearing capri-length sweatpants and laying on his couch. He was absentmindedly stroking my calf.
“Sorry my legs are kind of spiky. I forgot to shave them.”
“Oh, it’s alright. I actually have a wall that needs sanding, would you mind helping me out?”
“Sorry. At least you can’t see it!”
“You can’t see it?”
“Yeah, it’s blond.”
“Oh! Then why ever shave it??”
“Yeah! My thoughts exactly! That’s why I usually don’t. But then I got a boyfriend and everything.”
“What, you think he cares? No way.”
He continued rubbing my shin.


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One thought on “Reasons Why My Boyfriend is the Best

  1. Well if that’s the measure then he’s a better boyfriend than me, I’d have marched you to the bathroom with a razor straight away! ;D

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