Ain’t It So

Date night was disappointing. I guess I still don’t really know if it was a date– it didn’t feel like one. I have no idea what a date is even supposed to be since I’ve never been in anything even remotely normal with a guy. If tonight has taught me anything, it’s that I’m boring as f*ck. I feel bad for Dan* and the empty shell he had to sit across from all night.
I’m standing in my empty living room finishing the pizza I already ate too much of, and feeling hopeless.

*name has been changed

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6 thoughts on “Ain’t It So

  1. We all have those moments. Hang in there. x

  2. It’s not so easy to find someone you have chemistry with, but when you do, you won’t be feeling boring. You just gotta keep looking.:)

  3. Hey, we all have times like that. If I told you all about my crazy ass relationships, what with stalkers, affairs,strippers and one what tried to kill me, I think you’d realize we all have our share of growing opportunities. By the way, I really dig that first tune and WOW, Alabama Shakes got it going on. Music is the soundtrack of our life. I think I have to go find this CD.

    • Thank you, like always, for making me feel better. It was partially me being too dramatic.
      And YES. Alabama Shakes is an incredible band. Their first (and only album so far) is called “Boys and Girls” and it’s pure perfection. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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