Living the Life

Week two of school has begun, and already I’m missing a class. I’m actually on campus right now, in the library. But I decided to just…not go to Spanish class.
Traffic on campus was a real clustercuss today. Once again, commuters got the shaft. Eighty-five percent of commuter parking was blocked off. “Why?” you ask. “Because,” I say, “a construction worker refused to move his giant sixteen-wheeler out of the way.” This construction worker also decided he would direct traffic, leaving me and an ever-growing line of vehicles stopped for approximately 17 minutes while he let everyone else go by. What? However, the world must have been on my side. After I drove back down to main campus, I found one of the scarce commuter parking spots close to where I needed to be.
So that leads me to my classroom door, where, even though I left my house an hour and fifteen minutes early, I arrived twenty minutes late. It wouldn’t have been any problem if the classroom door had just been open. But it was closed– closed and unfriendly and cold. I could even hear my professor’s voice through the door. But I turned back, and I went to the library.

In other news, I decided to wear shorts to school, and I actually don’t feel disgusting in them. I caught a reflection of myself in the library door and didn’t want to kill myself, so I guess that’s good.

In regards to my love life, there is none. I thought things were happening, and then stuff just culminated to a big pile of nothing. I’m still pretty sure that no one who’s already in my life could be “it” for me. High school friends? No. Absolutely not. And all my college guy friends have been HUGE disappointments. Herbert*, I’m talking to you.
I guess I haven’t really been super proactive myself. There’s still a weird small glow of maybe-something, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. If you’re reading this and you feel the same, let me know. I would at least try and give it a chance if I knew for sure. I don’t really want to dance around things anymore or tread lightly.

I’m pretty excited to be back at school. Besides the parking issues, I really do love it. Campus is beautiful and walking around it is amazing. The trees and grass manage to stay green even though it’s been hot and dry all summer. The river that runs under the main bridge is completely dried up right now, but it still smells like water and life. I can’t wait for it to rain so I can hear the babble and rush of water as I walk by. I would love school so much more if I could just lounge on the grass all day and do nothing. One day I’ll have to indulge in that. But for now, I have to get to Writing for the Media and possibly bump into Herbert* with his annoyingly large hat brim and constant need to call everyone “man”.


*name has been changed

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