I’m Watching ‘Property Brothers’

I had a really stressful day today. I spent $219 on only 3 of my required textbooks and $48 on about 1/5 of my painting class supplies, which was nearly 2/3 of my entire paycheck, which I only received yesterday. And I have a tuition payment due in a few days. So I was freaking out and venting to my Dad, who was (as always) comforting and encouraging. He told me that if I ever find myself in financial trouble, I should tell him and he’ll help me out in a heartbeat. My heart completely melted at his kindness and sincerity. I said thanks, but assured him I was fine and still had plenty(ish) of savings. Relieved and calm for the moment, I ate dinner and took a shower. Then when I got back to my room, I found this sticking out of my laptop:









I literally have the nicest Dad in the world. I thought just his offer to help was the sweetest thing. And then he went and helped me anyways, while recognizing my love of the Jackson 5. My Dad has always been so supportive. I decided that he is going to be the subject of my first painting class project.

I was driving to school this morning, and this came on my iPod:

It reminded me of senior year and how I’d leave in the middle of the day when I couldn’t stand to be there anymore. I’d get in my car, pop this CD in, roll the windows down, and go home. The memory made me smile and realize that maybe senior year wasn’t so bad after all. I’m sure I was happy a lot more than I remember. The bad things stick out in my head, but there were good times, too– little moments of validation that made everything worthwhile. For instance, in yearbook (where I was surrounded by people who I didn’t like/didn’t like me), I once wrote a story about nostalgia and childhood memories. I was decently happy with it, but when I turned it into my teacher, she stopped class and read it aloud to everyone. “That’s what a good story is,” she said. “That’s how every one of you should be writing.” And several of my classmates, including ones that I didn’t get along with, came up to me and congratulated me on a job well done. For some reason, being complemented by those goons was an incredible moment.
I may over-dramatize how bad my past was. Or maybe not. Either way, there was probably just as much good to along with the bad.

I need to go to bed now or else I’ll never wake up on time tomorrow. Even though I have to be up at 7 a.m., at least I’m off work. Everything is going to be okay! Even if it takes me a couple of years to realize it. But it won’t. Because I think I’m better at enjoying life now.

Thanks for reading, as always.

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