Meet Me In Anchorage

This song inspired this blog post (the audio quality of the video is terrible, but it’s the only one I could find) :

I feel pretty emotionally dead. There’s nothing going on right now that’s giving me an emotional kick. I don’t feel especially happy, sad, mad, or anything. Which is dumb. I should feel happy. I have a job, it’s summer, I’m healthy, my loved ones are fine. I guess things are just neutral.
Things feel really strange. This whole summer I’ve noticed that something is really off. It feels like I left loose ends. Or that there’s something I need to be doing. I feel like I’m about to burst out of my skin. I could go for a run right now.
I know what it is that’s tugging at the back of my mind. But I don’t want to keep talking about it. I don’t want to keep thinking about it. The lines: “Could have been mine at the right time. And it seems like we were alright.” have been playing in my head. However, I can’t be so flippant about it.

I haven’t writen a poem in months. Here’s an attempt:

Where have your feet taken you?
Where does your soul rest now?
Maybe it doesn’t rest at all.
But it would be sad to know
That you still toss and turn at sea,
That you still get tangled in your sheets.

Are you awake right now?
Are you miles away?
I know it doesn’t matter to you,
which I’m embarrassed to admit.
And though it’s me who’s the one to toss and turn at sea,
I’ve learned how to deal with my twisted sheets.

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