Restless Brain Syndrome

I’ve been living in my head a lot, and I really think I need to get out of the house more. I always want to go do something. Nothing sounds fun during the day, and then everything sounds fun at night. But by that time everything is closed. Why do things close so early now? I know they didn’t used to. Everything closes by 9 p.m., unless it’s Friday and Saturday. People want to do things at 10 and 11 on weekdays, too!
Whatever. I’m just stir-crazy right now. My whole body has restless leg syndrome.

Drove to an old friend’s house today (saying “friend” isn’t right, but neither is “old friend”. “Ex friend” sounds too harsh and silly, though) and thought maybe I’d catch him in his yard or something. I texted him to come out of his house. He didn’t. His car was there. I took it as a sign that our friendship truly is over. It’s weird. Someone I used to call my best friend for 6 years is gone. It’s not even like we had a falling out. I just grew apart from him. In the words of Nate Ruess:
“It’s for the best you didn’t listen. It’s for the best we get our distance.”

I need money BAD. I have a summer job, but I haven’t gotten paid yet. Pay day is either tomorrow, or next week. Hopefully tomorrow. I hate living off less than $1 in a week, which has happened way too much this year.
There are a few concerts I would like to see. One of which is tomorrow, but it didn’t line up. M83, I guess I’ll see you in another life.

I feel really annoyed right now. Ready to burst out of my house and run forever. I went hiking/running today, but it was too hot to stay out for as long as I wanted. I left after about an hour. I’ll go back tomorrow before I work.

I cut my own hair like 10 days ago, and I already hate it. I didn’t mess it up or anything, but I gave myself bangs and layers, which are proving (as ALWAYS) to be super annoying. I miss having it long and normal. The idea was to trim off the dead parts of my hair so it would grow faster, but now I’m just shoving my bangs out of my left eye every five seconds. By the end of the summer it will probably be back to the length it was. I’ve also decided to stop dying it. Growing out the color is going to bother me a lot. I’m used to a few inches of mismatched color, but I’m going to hate when it’s half and half. WOW I need to shut up about my hair.

Man, I’m really sad about not seeing M83. I’ll be going to 3 concerts soon, and only 1 of them is a band that I really want to see/am familiar with. I wish my sister wasn’t on her trip right now. She wanted to go with me, $80 tickets and all.

I feel like doing some crazy new age, tarot card, palm reading, crystal ball thing.

I thoroughly apologize for all of the crap you just suffered through.
Thanks for reading,

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