The transition into craziness has begun.
My emotions are a wreck, in constant flux between disappointment/extreme down-in-the-dumps-ness (me have words no good, too lazy, not think better) and soaring confidence/happiness.
I literally wrote a blog draft on Monday that ended with “I’m going to die. Or kill someone.” Decided not to post it. Probably for the best.

I dreamed about someone I had hoped to forget. I ate too much pizza followed by too much candy. I had a conference with my journalism teacher and was disappointed with my performance. I felt self-conscious in a bright pink shirt. I missed at least 5 points on my government test. My makeup keeps smudging.
Those were this week’s lows.

Thank goodness (or maybe thank God?) I go to a Catholic university. Because I get both Good Friday and the following Monday off. And two out of my three teachers on Thursday cancelled class. I sense they are transitioning into crazy, too. Government class? Cancelled?? I’ll take it!
And I don’t feel that it’s worth the time/gas to drive 30 minutes to school and then 30 back for the other class. So I may not go and just give the whole day to myself, and thus emerges a beautiful 5-day weekend. Though I will have my conscious to grapple with come 2 p.m.Thursday…

Nah. I’ll just skip.

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