It’s a wonderful day!

I’m on my 3-hour break between classes. I’m in the library. I have my laptop and a peppermint mocha.
Yep. It’s time for a new blog post.

I’m on a music overload right now. I want to listen to everything at once. So many bands/musicians have new albums out or on the way. Right now Andrew Bird, Fun., and The Shins are overtaking my brain. I was most excited for The Shins, I think. They just released Port of Morrow yesterday (which I bought from iTunes the very moment I woke up that morning), so look forward to an album review coming soon. I highly HIGHLY suggest you listen to The Shins right now, no matter who you are. Seriously. I have a theory that no person in the world could dislike The Shins. It’s such intelligent, yet catchy music. And it hasn’t gotten old despite 4 albums and 11 years. I’m still in love with songs from their very first album.

I wish coffee didn’t hurt my stomach so bad. I drink one cup, and my stomach becomes a gurgling sack of gross. People say it’s all the acid, which is weird. Kind of sick that I’m drinking acid. I don’t really drink coffee that often, and it only happens sometimes. So I never know when the gurgles will strike. But I needed a pep-up today because I have a crazy workout in a few hours, and then tele-counseling which always takes a lot of energy. I wish tele-counseling was actually what it sounds like. I call prospective students and see if they have questions about the application process, or call to remind them we need their transcript, SAT scores, etc. The word “tele-counselor” sounds like I’m actually doing something important. I would love to counsel troubled students over the phone. Or in person. I think it’s something I might be really good at. I’m considering applying to be a peer mentor or something next year. But maybe college students don’t need counseling anymore. Is the angst over now? I sure hope so.

Is it gross that I like when my cartilage piercing gets a little crusty around the edge? Ooh, okay yes it is gross. When I type it out like that, I see what I weirdo I am. I also like rolling my shoulders back and leaning my torso slightly to the right because it always pops this one vertebrae in the upper-middle of my spine. I do it like 50 times a day.

I’m convinced that the cure to everything is running semi-regularly and drinking crap tons of water. Muscle and bone aches, headaches, heartaches, mental stress, colds, everything. Okay, it may not cure colds, but it does prevent them. While not particularly prone to sickness, I do always get sick twice a year with a cold. Once right before the weather gets really cold, and once again just after it stops being cold. They usually last 1-2 weeks. But I haven’t gotten sick yet. I made it through the first wave, and I’m pretty sure I’ve made it through the second wave, as it stopped being cold a few weeks ago. I’m convinced it’s because of my increased running/exercising and increased water intake over the past 5-6 months. Also, I eat a lot of Cuties.
Not saying I’m super healthy. I’m definitely not. I don’t really eat that well and I’m overweight, but I still just feel better than I usually do. My mental state feels really calm and positive, too. Totally loving it.

I wish that these songs would permanently be playing my head all the time.

If they were, maybe I would be better with social interactions. I’m not super socially awkward, though I do have the occasional embarrassing word flub, trip, or silent pause. I’m just bad at continuing conversations and saying interesting things. I say enough to be friendly and not shy, but the conversation cup does not runneth over for me. It needs to, though. If there’s any hope of me snagging the guy I want, I need to pick it up conversation-wise. He also needs to stop calling me man. “You like really cool music, man.” “Thanks, man!” I’M NOT YOUR MAN. Though I do want you to be my man…

I’m itching to see a good band. Everyone I love is skipping over Texas on their tours. C’mon guys. I get not coming to San Antonio, but skipping Austin?? That’s just cruel.

Gosh, I’m really sorry that there’s never any structure to my posts. It’s always just my mental wanderings that are only interesting to me. I can’t bring myself to write about anything important. It’s still amazing to me that I have followers. Thanks to all of you who read my bunk and take the time to respond. You keep me afloat. Everytime I get a comment-reply@wordpress email, I become giddy with excitement. And I’m sorry that I’m a terrible blog friend. I definitely don’t keep up with you all enough. Thanks for sticking around <3

I love seeing people smile. I'm looking out of a window right now, and I saw some guy ride his bike past, just smiling to himself.
It is a beautiful day.

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4 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful day!

  1. befunnygirl on said:

    Oh my gosh! You make me so happy. LoL!!

  2. The last part where you talked about “Man” was soooooo funny! Indeed, you are very observant in life and so honest with your writing. Just wonderful!

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