Don’t Let It Get To You

I can’t find much in my life to complain about at the moment. Everything is scarily good. Minus the constant stress of school and work. I keep telling people that I have an easy semester. In theory, I do. But it feels radically different from anything remotely close to “easy”.

I alternate being at school for 12 hours and 10 hours every other day. Thursdays are a merciful 8 hours, and Fridays a miraculous 5 hours. Being on campus for so long constantly either in class or working stresses me out. Two jobs and a 15 hour school schedule are sucking the life out of me. And while none of my classes or work duties are particularly hard, the amount of time I spend doing them gives me a headache every day.

Whatever. I’m lucky to be getting an education. To be sitting in an air-conditioned building on a computer. To actually have a job and receive adequate money.

Let’s focus on the positives. Like how I just found a bunch of new music that is making me ridiculously happy and excited. Car drives are almost the best part of my day simply because I get to listen to music. I’d post YouTube videos of the songs in my current playlist, but no one actually gives a crap about them but me. Instead, I’ll force the audience of my radio show to listen and fall in love.

Another positive: I know some really wonderful people. Being at Incarnate Word has had the best effect on my overall mood and mental state. Seriously. I’m not kidding when I say I chose to come here mostly because of the people. There’s really no one I’ve conflicted with. Being here has been so spiritually invigorating. I feel like I’ve woken up from a terrible nightmare, been set on my feet, and splashed with cool refreshing water. It’s like my soul has been given a vigorous scrub. The true, more positive me has been awakened. Being here has been like a medicine, something between a monastery and rehab.

Yet another positive: Spring break is coming. Just two weeks (Would you always, maybe sometimes, make it easy? Take your time.) If you get that reference, I love you.

I’m thinking of slowly incorporating my identity into this blog. Just sprinkling my real name here and there. I still don’t want to directly tell any of my friends or family, but I’m kind of sick of being Kato McKracken. It’s not me. It was a nickname given to me by an old friend’s father. I think I’ll just slap my real name on here but also keep Kato. I don’t know. It’s really not that huge of a deal. The only difference it makes is that if someone should ever feel the need to google my name, they’d find this blog. But I keep forgetting that I’m the only creepy googler around these here parts. Why I just turned Western, I’ll never know.

It’s kind of amazing when I’m not the awkward person in an interaction. You know the other person must be really socially backward if I’m the one who takes on the responsibility to carry on the conversation. It’s rare that it happens, but when it does, it boggles my mind.
Anyone else LOVE the word boondoggle??

I feel myself slipping into a frenzy of subject changes, which is my cue to end the post.

Sorry for the complete irrelevance and self-absorbancy. But thanks as always for your readership!
I know I said I wasn’t going to add YouTube videos of songs, but I’m doing it anyway! Just this one. And I really want you to listen to it. Yes, YOU.

Do you like it? Do you love it? Do you want some more of it??

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let It Get To You

  1. befunnygirl on said:

    Listened to song. Thought for a split second someone was shooting at me. LoL

    But, seriously, want to swap playlists? You’re taste in music is really intriguing, and it might be fun? I actually blogged about my current playlist. (link: I want to hear yours!

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