You Wrecked The Feeling of Saturday

As I was walking to class, I passed by three Middle Eastern girls with head scarves having a minor freak out (albeit a joyous one) over three big ducks sitting on the lawn of one of the dorms. I started thinking about how a better writer could turn the girls and ducks into a metaphor for each other. I began to contemplate how I could make a genius connection between the two, but I gave up, realizing it was only a coincidence that there happened to be three ducks and three girls.

I just want to sing all the time. I enjoy long drives simply because I can sing in the car the whole time. I know this is an indication of something, but I won’t say what out of fear of beating a dead horse (I hate that saying).

After the duck/Middle Eastern girl occurrence, I walked into my government class (late) to find the class was taking a test. I did not know about said test. If nothing else, I know my handwriting looked great on the short answer section. This is due to the fact that I actually had to think about what I was writing. The knowledge was definitely not pouring out of me. Thank God I listened to Mr. Green in 12th grade government. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known what the hell the “Lemon Test” is, because we for sure did not discuss it in Prof. Keith’s class.

I’m friends with Mr. Green on Facebook. He always comments weird things on my stuff. Rachel didn’t recognize his name, so she thought “Christopher Green” was a guy who likes me. She texted me “I’m trying to stalk Christopher Green, but it won’t let me see his photos. It’s not that guy with the crying girlfriend is it?” Nope. It’s our 50-year-old 12th grade government teacher. Who’s gay. And taken. 
Made me laugh. Also reminded me of that recent Parks and Rec episode.

The Dirty Projectors need to come out with a new album. Vampire Weekend, too. Looking forward to Andrew Bird’s, Jack White’s, The Shin’s, Rufus Wainwright’s, and Grizzly Bear’s new albums in the upcoming 1-3 months. I know there are more in the works, but no set date yet.

I can’t listen to Ra Ra Riot anymore right now. Refer to my last post as to why.
All I want to listen to is Surfer Blood. And this is why:
Surfer Blood is holding a contest. If you cover their song “Take It Easy” and post it to their Facebook, they will consider you for a pair of free tickets to one of their concerts in California, and the chance to perform with them on stage during said concert. I entered with the plan that, if I won, I would go to California with my mom and sister for our birthdays (we each have a birthday within a few days of one another in February). The Surfer Blood concert happens to be on February 25th. My birthday happens to be February 26th. So it would be perfect timing. But it’s too expensive for us all to go. And my mom wouldn’t ever let me go alone. It’s something like $450 per person round-trip. My own savings combined with the money my mom is willing to spend on my birthday, I would have $225. You can see the gap. I’ve come to terms (mostly) with the fact that I will not be going, that I will not be singing with one of my absolute favorite bands. I’ve been telling myself  it’s amazing that I even entered the contest in the first place. It’s incredible to think that, one year ago, I wouldn’t have even considered entering. I didn’t have enough confidence in my skill (or maybe just not enough skill) to enter. So just the fact that I had so much fun making the cover, and didn’t get frustrated with myself while recording is (almost) enough. Also, my entry is the only one which Surfer Blood themselves “like”d on Facebook. Which is a completely amazing honor. The contest ended Feb. 14th. Four days later and no word on the winner yet. Rachel and I discussed it and we think that, even if I don’t win, it’s awesome. And it will probably make things a whole lot easier on me if I don’t win. Because then I won’t have to feel sad about not being able to make the show/perform with them. A grim way to look at it maybe, but it does keep me from freaking out about the results. And I’m sure it will help keep my spirits afloat about the issue. I know at some point they will have to filter through Austin, which is a heck of a lot closer to me. Every good indie band plays in Austin at some point. And when they come to Austin, I will see them, and it will be great.

Music is so crazy. Makes me act a fool.

Another thing that is foolish, but I feel I need to address:
The secrecy of my blog. I’ve been really careless about it. If you know my real name (unfortunately, it is not Kato McKracken) and have any sleuthing/googling skills at all, you would be able to find my blog. I secretly DO want people to find my blog. Really only one person, actually. That would be so scary, though. Probably as much as 1/3 of what I have written on here is about this person. I want them to read it. To drink in every word and know what is really in my heart. But I’m not fearless.

There is also one person I wish would STOP reading this blog. (Side note: We never talk anymore because I don’t want to talk anymore. Please, please, please go away. Not in a mean way. In a “I really want to move on for good and you really should too” way. You literally have no reason to care about me anymore. It’s been nearly 8 months. And I know we settled things and that I’m not mad at you, but I really don’t appreciate seeing that you view my blog at least once a day every day. Please don’t blow up at this or think it’s anything more than it is. Just try your hardest not to check here every day? Or at least use a different method of coming so I don’t see that you’ve visited. When you click the link from that comment I left on your blog forever ago, it tells me. Just FYI.)

And that’s pretty much it. Every crazy thing that’s been on my mind lately. Ish.
As always, thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “You Wrecked The Feeling of Saturday

  1. befunnygirl on said:

    That is highly disappointing, as the name Kato McKracken is fabulous. I will console myself with the fact that whoever could invent such a name must also be highly fabulous. LoL

    • Haha! I know, I can’t help but be disappointed myself!
      Thanks so much. If anything could make me feel highly fabulous, it’s your comment! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! You’ve made my night!

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