Noisy Keys

Noisy is a weird word. Sounds like someone made it up a long time ago because they couldn’t think of the word “loud”.
“Oh, Edgar! Those children are so…so…so…noise-y. Don’t you agree?”
“Yes Agnes, quite, er, ‘noise-y’ indeed.”

I don’t know why my first thought was to use an example of old, pompous British people from the early 1900’s. Maybe it’s because I’m reading Howards End at the moment. It’s a great book. E.M. Forster certainly knew what he was doing with words.
I’ve  had a shocking lack of homework so far this semester (not complaining about that), and I’ve actually had time to do something fun, calming, and enriching for my life. What! I had almost forgotten what reading for pleasure was. My plan is to finish the book by Valentine’s Day, then rent the movie from my school’s DVD library (I’m still amazed that we even have one), and then watch it alone in the living room, in my underwear, eating ice cream on V-Day. Sounds grim? Wrong! I love Valentine’s Day even when I’m not in a relationship with someone.
The way I see it is, if you have someone on Valentine’s Day- wonderful! You get to be happy and go on a date and be romantic. And if you don’t have someone on Valentine’s Day- equally wonderful! You get to lounge around in your undies, eat copious amounts of candy, watch sad movies, and belt to some Fiona Apple songs. It’s a win-win really.
For me, it’s definitely going to be the latter (I just said “latter” didn’t I? Another sign I’m way too deep into the world of Howards End). My sister, brother, and parents will all be on dates. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ll spread cheer and chocolate throughout the day, go to an orchestra concert to hear Tchaikovsky’s (I totally just spelled that correctly without any help of the internet. First time in history) Romeo and Juliet, and come home to an empty house that’s mine for the lounging. Sounds absolutely perfect to me.

Anyway, I’ve somehow managed to digress for an entire post. The reason I even came on here was to say that I’m in the library using a school computer, and there are tons of people studying around me, and I feel perfectly terrible because this ancient computer is attached to this ancient keyboard which sounds simultaneously like a tap dancer having a leg spasm on polished concrete and a cannon being fired when I type.
I have no idea why that would require a blog post, but apparently I thought it was important. Unfortunately, it’s only made me type more, and thus made matters worse for my poor studious peers. Sorry guys…

To promote my school’s library (and maybe just an excuse to cover everything with hearts for Valentine’s Day), the students can write what they love about the library and post them on the wall. A friend wrote this one for me. Hope everyone has a really wonderful Valentine’s, regardless if you have someone “special” in your life or not!

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