DJ IN DA HOUSE! (wait, no. what?)

It’s official. I am a DJ. Ish.
I have a 2-hour-a-week time slot for my university’s internet radio station. My first show was last Friday, and it went okay. But I didn’t want to officially broadcast the fact that I was buzzing the air waves until I had done a test-run. Luckily, my format is “free-form” so I can basically do anything I want. However, all I want to do is play music and tell the listeners the song/artist they just heard. Maybe interject a comment here and there. My Dad thinks that’s devastatingly boring. He wants me to bring in people to interview. Which is fine for other types of DJs. But I’m not studying to be a journalist. Oh wait…

Anyway, the point is that it’s Friday again, and in one hour, I will be on the air once again for my second radio show. I’m required to have a DJ name. I know it’s supposed to be clever and cool and stuff, but I just feel ridiculous saying anything else but “Hey, this is DJ Katy!” Honestly, even having to say “DJ” makes me feel stupid. I do have another name in mind. I should actually probably start using it or I may get in trouble with the station manager. Whatever. I’m playing it by ear!

Now that I know the ropes, I’m telling the world:

I am DJ Nova! I play great indie, alternative, and rock music every Friday from 12-2 pm (central time)! Go to to listen!


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4 thoughts on “DJ IN DA HOUSE! (wait, no. what?)

  1. I am listening right now! 10:15 Pacific time. So I am thinking it must be the right time. Got to love internet radio at my desk! Always adventure and explore. The only thing that cages us is fear.

    • Woah! You listened to me!! Thank you so much! Man, you don’t know how much I appreciate it!
      Unfortunately the main mic wasn’t working, so I had to use a different mic that isn’t meant for radio use. I had to call the station director, and she just told me to use the backup mic, but as little as possible. I don’t know why. But consequently, my show was not at its best. Whatever, it was only my second time.
      But thank you for tuning in! Ahh that’s so awesome of you!

  2. I caught some of your show, nice choices cool stuff. Adding a timezone helps you could have readers all over the world. I’ll try to catch your show on my lunch hour on Fridays. I added you to my blog, thanks.

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING! That is so nice of you. I hope it wasn’t too weird with the microphone mishap. I really really appreciate it! Man, I feel super happy knowing my blog friends tuned in. I didn’t expect anyone to listen! You are too kind. And it’s a great idea to add the timezone. I didn’t even think about that!

      And thanks for adding me back to your blog! Keeping it private was a genius idea. I’m really glad you didn’t delete it.

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