Lesson Learned

I guess I knew this all along, but last night it struck me square in the face: some people never change.
After seeing some photos online of my high school friends at a Christmas party they conveniently forgot to invite me to, I had a revelation. I wasn’t even really mad that they hadn’t cared to have me in their presence. I was fed up because I’ve been put in that same situation so many times by the same people.
I had been surrounded by people who continually made me feel inferior. But once college started and I got a breath of fresh air without them, I found that I was a happy person, not an angry one. So I know it’s silly to even care about a Christmas party filled with a bunch of people who give me a bad taste in my mouth. And I guess it’s not really the party aspect that bothers me. In fact, I probably would have declined the invitation if I had been asked. I’m just fed up. Because in 7 years, these people haven’t changed. They’re all still their 13-year-old selves and probably always will be. And maybe that’s why they were always so keen to hate. Maybe that’s why they were never happy. Maybe they’ve sensed the change in me and dislike that I’m not a raging, judgemental cynic.
The fact of the matter is simply that I grew up and moved on. I realized that the people I was with hindered me as a person. I had gone through years of being ignored, being left out, and finding that rude (and often untrue) words had been exchanged about me. And I’m done with it. Completely done with it.
I’m glad I wasn’t invited to that party. It means they’ve seen the change in me, and it means I’m a step above them in life. Which is ironic because they were always the ones who made me feel inadequate.
Some people never change, but I did.

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4 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. :) Good. Leave them behind! Be who you are. Oh yeah.. Merry Christmas!

  2. I enjoy watching a person spread his or her wings and come to know themselves. I revel in the self discovery……that ah ha moment we learn yet another piece about ourselves. It only gets better as we keep growing. Good on you, Ms. Kato. Too often too many people see themselves too late.

    • Thank you. It’s been quite a learning experience for me, finding out more about myself away from the context of other people. I’ve been happier than I ever have before, and I expect, as you said, it can only get better.
      I appreciate the support astronomically!

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