New Video

Stayed up late last night to make this! Shot and edited the whole thing by about 4 am, then stayed up the rest of the night and watched Twilight Zone.
I did the best I could with my low-quality equipment (Casilo Exilim digital camera and Windows Live Movie Maker), and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

The song I used is called “Ungirthed” by Purity Ring.
Thanks for watching!

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4 thoughts on “New Video

  1. very cool, i really enjoyed the video. sometimes media limitations push us to be more creative. i wouldn’t rush to get better equipment.

    • Thanks! And you’re totally right. I need to look at it in that respect. I AM pleased with the outcome, but I can’t help wishing for something a little more professional.
      Thank you so much for watching.

  2. very cool indeed, especially enjoy the B&W look.

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