Sad is Easy

It’s getting increasingly harder to write when I’m happy.
I want to complain about a million things,
But there’s no real reason to.
So he saw the real me and acted accordingly. Sad for me.
Whatever. That’s a hill I’m still climbing.
Right now it’s better for me to dream the very improbable.
It lets me long for something other than the opportunity to fix past mistakes.
Plus, I know how ridiculous it is, so I won’t get hurt.
And all my attachments fade with time anyway.

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One thought on “Sad is Easy

  1. That’s a nice piece. It paints a picture and has something to say. I’m not sure why sad expresses itself easier then happy but it surely does. I guess it demands reflection in a way that happy just creates acceptance. Rhyming is overrated. I only use it in so many of my pieces because I write a lot in my head and rhyme helps with memorizing.

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