Electro Cover Songs

Here are 3 of my favorite electro cover songs at the moment. Who is the winner? You decide.

Dreams- Passion Pit (Cranberries cover):

I used to love the original, and I was delighted to see that Passion Pit had made a cover of it. A criticism might be that it hardly deviates from the original, but I don’t see it that way. It’s so magical and dreamy with the added twinkly synthesizers. The faster tempo makes it more modern and joyful. I also love it because the singer of Passion Pit can sometimes push his high register too far, and it becomes a bit of a whine. But his vocals in this song offer a nice departure, because he uses them softly and we get to enjoy his lofty tones.
The Original:

I Want You Back- Discovery (Jackson 5 cover)

I am a huge fan of anything Jackson 5/Michael Jackson related, including this song. There’s nothing better than baby Michael belting. But this unconventional cover does it more than justice. Of course it’s missing the strings and backing vocals, but I find I don’t really care? The bass-y homage to the Motown strings totally makes up for it, as do the sparkling symbol crashes. Somehow Discovery made this classic a gritty, dirty nightclub song while still maintaining the joy of the original.
The Original:

1234- Bikini Feist cover)

I was no exception when the Feist craze swept commercials and iPods everywhere a few years ago. I loved 1234. Big time. But then I heard this version. Even though it only features the first two verses of the original, I find I can’t listen to the original anymore. Because it’s just not as cool, I’m sorry!! How can you resist that contagious heavy synth-y-percussion-y sound? You can’t. You simply can’t.
The Original:

There’s always a stigma when it comes to covers, and a lot of people stand strongly by the fact that nothing will ever beat the original. Which is sometimes true. But I think it’s fun to give cover songs a chance, and appreciate a new take on a great hit.
Tell me which version is your favorite and why.

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