I Met ‘Ra Ra Riot’

I was so lucky to get a spot so close to the front. My friend and I arrived super early, and it really payed off. They opened with “Too Too Too Fast” and ended with “Boy”. They then came out and did an encore, which ended with “Dying Is Fine”. They were wonderful live, and played a super fun and energetic show. And if that wasn’t enough…

They were kind enough to stay after and sign autographs and take pictures and chat. And I got to MEET Wes Miles and Mathieu Santos. And, where I had previously been obsessed with Wes, now I’m in love with Mat. He was so sweet and cool and cute, and was really fun to watch onstage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the day AFTER that I learned about his solo album. It’s really something special. Here’s the most popular song off of the album:

I’m really hoping that’s him in the rainbow tape suit.

The two opening bands also deserve honorable mention. Yellow Ostrich and Delicate Steve were both entertaining and innovative.

Here’s one of my favorites from YO:

And here’s one of my favorites from DS:

Check some of their other music out, I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. These guys are all super talented musicians and are on their way to big things. It was such a treat to find out about them at a live show.

Now I leave you with a Ra Ra Riot song while I day-dream about the concert and remember what it was like to talk to one of my favorite bands.

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