You Can Always Sleep in the Dentist’s Chair

The past two weeks have been jam-packed full of crazy obligations. It was midterm time at my school, and on top of 5 tests to take, I had 2 computer projects due, a speech to write and present, an essay to compose, and my brother’s birthday party to plan. All of this craziness has led up to today, finally ending with my speech. You’d think after all of that, all I’d want to do is sleep. Even though I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 9:30 AM, sleep is not a worry right now. I get tomorrow and Friday off of school for “Fall Break” (yet another perk of college), and I refuse to waste my night sleeping.
I’ve gotten so much done these past two weeks, I want to finally do something fun for myself. So here you find me, at 5:02 AM, uploading two songs I just recorded and edited. I have decided to be bold and post them here, despite the fact that I am not a pianist, nor am I a singer. But I had fun recording and editing them. It’s also cool to see how much you can do with just an iPhone and free software from the internet (Audacity) in just a few hours.
And, hey, I can always sleep in the dentist’s chair.

I Will Light You On Fire (cover) by Kato McKracken

Boy (cover) by Kato McKracken

^These links will take you to the songs I made. Thanks for listening!

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