Back to School Already??

Step outside, take a big, deep breath. Get a whiff of that back-to-school air. Smell it? No? Me neither.
If you’re like me, your summer went by way too quickly (One day you were exhaling and enjoying the prospect of a MUCH needed break, and then here you are, preparing yourself, a loved one, or someone you know for school. I don’t know why it always comes as such a shock, you’d think we’d all be used to it by now). And also if you’re like me, you’re worrying about the fall back-to-school budget. Along with a new year comes new classes, new teachers, and new experiences. But if you’re in charge of the money, a new year comes at a high expense. Supplies, clothes, tuition and textbooks (for some), transportation, and a million other little things you never thought would add up to so much money.
By far my biggest school expense is clothes. It’s aaaaalways clothes. But this year I was determined to make it different. Armed with my debit card, tax-free weekend, and a sharp eye for sales, I set out to stay within my $180 budget. Here are my rewards:



































































































































I also purchased two bras at $6.48 (on sale) each, bringing my total to $178.30.

Though back-to-school snuck up on me (and my budget), I managed to spend less than $180 on 11 pieces. Mom didn’t teach me how to bargain-hunt for nothing!

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