As summer and the prospect of going to college draws nearer, I can’t help but dread the mundane droll tasks that school requires. What is the point of doing endless calculus packets? Yeah,  of course I still DO them. Even though it pains me to try, I can’t quite give it all up and just not do the work. That would be cheating myself. But it’s become a chore, especially now that there is no incentive since grades don’t matter anymore.
But anyway, my point is that I skip A LOT. A lot more than I should. But hey, we get nine absences per semester. NINE. Nine full days of not being at school. AKA nine days occupying my time in a more productive way where I don’t want to blow my brains out. I’ve been pretty good recently, I did a “no skip March” campaign and stuck to it even with temptations by my friends. Buuut, I wasted no time in skipping the first half of April 2nd…
Now, don’t get the impression I’m a bad student. I’m not. I maintained a 99.7 average throughout my high school career including multiple AP and GT classes. Not that I’m bragging. But there’s something so freeing about skipping. They make it so darn easy. No one guards the back exit of the school where I park my car. And anyway, I don’t usually go to school and then leave. If I skip, I just stay home the whole day, reducing the likelihood of being caught. My parents both work during the day- my mom in the next city, so chances of her coming home are slim, and I take my dad to work, so he has no transportation to come home early. And there are absolutely no consequences for unexcused absences. You don’t even have to turn in a note. Twice I have forged a sick note in my dad’s hand (it’s easy to copy- all caps, messy, with a signature that looks like a big ‘A’ then a squiggle and then a big ‘R’ with a slightly longer scribble), but then when I realized there’s no difference between excused and unexcused, I stopped this second sin.
Another reason I skip so often is that (most of) my teachers are lazy when it comes to attendance. Many times they don’t even count me absent. For instance, I documented that I skipped government a total of eight times last semester, yet he only ever counted me absent twice. TWICE. Man, if I had known that earlier in the year, I would have left school early a lot more. As I mentioned before, I don’t usually go to school and then leave, I will just stay home for the whole day. So I can’t quite figure out why there are so many inconsistencies in my attendance. Here’s where I stand for this semester:
1. English…2
2. Environmental Systems…1
3. Orchestra…3
4. Calculus…2
5. Yearbook…3
6. Macroeconomics…4
I still don’t really know why or how I have four absences in Eco…I honestly don’t remember skipping THAT much. But either way, this leaves me 5 full skipping days max. And then on top of that I get anywhere from 1-3 extra skips in my earlier classes. And considering there are only 26 school days left, I have quite a lot of wiggle room. The word “summer” tastes like citrus and freedom on my tongue, and dear God, I cannot wait to finally feel it. Skipping gives me a little taste, but in 26 days, a new chapter will start in my life and I will be immersed in a new world I’ve yet to fully experience.

 P.S. Guess which one is me and tell me your best skipping school story, and I will personally make you a tracklist/CD of the best summer songs.

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