Shower Rant

     You are a shallow person despite the depth you add to your poetry. You are deep with and for yourself, but when it comes to others, you are not willing to even scratch the surface. You see only what others expect you to see. With the few people you have managed to get “close” to, you do not even value what they offer. You take it because the alternative is being lonely, and you are too lazy, too apathetic to reciprocate. You wait for people to come to you, and somehow there’s never a shortage. You are so quick to turn on someone. One moment your best friend, the next you will turn around and complain that you can’t stand them, hate being around them, are going to yell at them because you want them to change. I have seen you do it, and I’ve been on both ends.
      I meant what I said today, though probably you disregarded it in an instant. It is something I have always thought about you. And it is the truth whether others will admit it or not. Maybe you think you are being “brutally honest”, but the rudeness you spout reflects so much of your own thoughts that YOU consider ultimately correct. Let’s all bow down to you because your opinion is the only one that matters. Maybe I am the wrong one here, but I don’t see how that makes you so brilliant. You are selfish, conceited, and egotistical, so you MUST be intelligent.
     But there’s no doubting that people like you. In fact, the times I feel embarrassed for you and have to fight laughter are the times when others are most absorbed. Your words tend to make people’s jaw drop. I guess no one has heard the word “irk” before? How about the word “ass”? Now there’s one worth knowing.
     Obsessed with outward appearances, apparel, and your own opinions on what is “smart” and who is “stupid”, there are times where I don’t think you will ever grow up. Strange considering you are epitomized so often as the face of maturity.

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