Blood Money.

My sister has opted to get herself a tattoo. Which, okay, whatever. To each his own. But she is getting a peacock. A peacock for God’s sake. On her hip. Yeah, that’s original. And, like, okay Bethany, aren’t you supposed to be saving up your dough to move out? You are turning 23 in less than a month, and you are still living at home…Don’t you think $300 would be better spent jail breaking out of the hell hole house you hate so much? The answer is “yes”, but I still love her anyway.

In other news, if you are wondering if both Hamlet and The Catcher in the Rye can be read simultaneously and in 3 day’s time (which I KNOW you are), then the answer to THAT is also “yes”. My English teacher is a little (explative here), trying to cram two extra literary works into the curriculum in 4 days. Who does he think he is? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a pleasure to read such great works of art, but in 4 days? Really? I feel cheated of time. I didn’t get to savor the styles or delve into the language enough. I guess it is a good thing all in all, though. Because I am way too old to have never read Hamlet and Catcher. At least I was able to devour them, even if it was just a little taste.

I leave you with an old poem:

P.S. I know, I misspelled “teflon.” Have mercy on me!

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